We are a small group of engineering managers, software developers & marketing guys working out of our Bangalore office trying to make a difference.
We are self funded, highly motivated set of people, working on cutting edge technologies to build successful products.
We also undertake consulting projects in a very niche field of SDN. Explore our offering below.


We provide innovative trainings and consulting services to simplify & fast-pace the implementation of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions.
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We are building a Multi-Brand, Cardless Loyalty Program for One-of-a-kind Rewards, that will help our customers engage, convert & retain their customers.
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We bring a personal and effective approach to everything we work on,
which is why our clients love us!.

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We're currently accepting new consulting projects as we as looking for options to deploy our product.

Drop us your details if you have any assignments for us in SDN or if you have a lead for our product deployment or if you just wanna say "Hi" & want to be in touch.

Contact Details

  • contact@nivelsolutions.com
  • (+91) 9845418727
  • (+91) 9986035251
  • Nivel Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
    #201, Ravoos Chaitra,
    2nd Cross, Ayyappa Layout, Munnekolala,
    Bangalore, 560037